We offer you translations
into French, English, Spanish and Polish.

Our areas of specialization are:

 Documents translations

Professional translations of all types of documents (letters, emails, CVs, contracts, quotes….)

Business translations

Tradico is experienced with a range of business documents, including : product descriptions, presentation slides…

Marketing translations

Translation of marketing materials applies to advertising slogans, video clips, presentations, flyers, brochures and other marketing materials.

Tourism translations

We provide services for many different types of business within the industry: airlines, hotels, hostels, travel booking websites, travel agents or car rental agencies.

Website translations

Tradico translation company will help you make your company popular and respectable in many countries of the world by developing a multi-lingual website. It goes without saying that a well-advertised website will significantly increase your company’s sales abroad, open up new markets for the distribution of your goods and services, and attract many new customers and partners.

Proofreading services

You can order proofreading or language review as a separate service for texts that you have written yourself, or the service can be included in the translation process. Corrections can be made to the file directly or marked using a commenting tool such as Microsoft Word’s track changes function, as agreed with the customer.

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